Brad and Kristin Northrop

Photo of Brad and Kristin Northrop

Author and illustrator Brad Northrop has a degree in Art Education. He is recently retired from teaching elementary art at Howell Public Schools where he worked with clay, paint and crayons, read children’s books, and added joy to his students’ school day. His interests include painting toy soldiers and reading comic books. He has been drawing characters and creating stories for his own children since they were young. Brad is the right- brained, creative partner.

Author Kristin Northrop has a degree in Special Education. She teaches at Ann Arbor Public Schools where she supports and encourages high school students to achieve their dreams. Her interests include practicing Pilates and reading fiction. She is the organizer and manager of their family. Kristin is the left brained, detail-oriented partner.

Brad and Kristin raised their four children in Ann Arbor and have collaborated on multiple projects together, including their first children’s book, Akeina the Crocodile.