Rebecca Wittekindt

Photo of Rebecca Wittekindt

After beekeeping for several years and engaging her community about the importance of honeybees and other pollinators, Rebecca decided to work on her first children’s book. Years of working in all ranges of education has helped bring fact-based storytelling to her readers in a fun and educational way. As queen of her own hive, she is a hard worker who values her family and loves all kinds of creative endeavors. Earning her Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Eastern Michigan University has helped with her entrepreneurial adventures as she heads her own business, Bee Present Honey. Rebecca has created sustainable bee-derived products in mindful packaging as well as offers community engagement activities and education for all ages in a fun and interactive way. Rebecca lives in Saline, Michigan with her husband Owen, teenage son Alex, two cuddly kitties Walle and Eva, and LOTS of honeybees.